About Us

We believe happy people make the world a better place.

That’s why we’re dedicated to Spreading joy. Giving hugs.™ and making people smile around the world.

We're dedicated to making the world a happier place by Spreading happiness through virtual hugs and making people smile around the world. Because everyone needs happiness and hugs.

That’s why our mission is two-fold

  • Social Mission: Actively work toward enriching peoples lives locally and around the world.
  • Product Mission: Create unique and eco-friendly products to minimize my impact on the environment.

Read about what we do for our community here.

Why draw with Xs and Os?​

Because Xs and Os widely represent hugs and kisses, and we believe everyone needs hugs. Hugs seem to have this magical way of making people smile and feel loved. This is how we want you to feel when you (or your giftees) receive one of our products.

After my first child arrived, I saw him gravitate to art, music and books. That made me smile. I made every effort to encourage his love for these things and found myself drawing and writing again.

After this discovery, I wanted to find a way to share it with others. To make others smile by Spreading happiness. Giving hugs™. And so, Heart and Art Cottage® was born.

Meet Rita

You could say that designing and crafting is in my blood. As a child, I always enjoyed writing, arts and crafts. I remember my days designing, sketching, drawing and photographing. 

The creative process always made me happy. 

I loved the different colors of crayons and the feel of a pencil when sketching. The clicking of the camera. The humming from my sewing machines. 

The results of my imagination on paper and fabric made me smile.

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Let us help you give a hug and send some love to make them smile.