• Love in the details image of heart drawn in Xs and Os

    Love In the Details

    Sometimes we think a moment in time is insignificant. There are so many moments, often times our mind blends them all together.  But, every moment in our lives causes an effect. Each moment we experience imprints itself into us, in our hearts … in our soul … in our minds.  Each one becomes a memory when […]

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  • Behind The Scenes: Valentine’s Day Spoon and Fork

    Love ❤ is in the studio … I was working on some sketches earlier this week. Here’s a fun look at my beginning and end. With Valentine’s Day coming up, love struck my mind. I started with a phrase in my mind – you are the spoon to my fork (because fork to my knife didn’t sound […]

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  • Washington DC Skyline Art Print framed on display

    Sneak Peak: Skyline – Washington, DC

    The Cityscape Collection is coming along. I added Washington, DC today. Here’s a quick look.   Finishing up a few more cities and then some product photography. Click below to shop the Skyline Collection

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  • A is for Airplane and Avery

    A friend of mine celebrated her son’s first birthday yesterday. We gave the traditional gift of clothing, but I also wanted to give them something special, so I drew this print for them. This was a ton of fun to draw. Looks like a pear or something doesn’t it? And up close of the Xs and […]

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  • Philadelphia Skyline Art Print framed on display

    Sneak Peak: Skyline – Philadelphia

    Working on the Cityscape Collection and added Philadelphia. I’ve always enjoyed making a stop into Philly on our way home from Washington, DC. It was nice to stretch our legs 1/2 way home and stop.

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  • Framed Daffodil Art Print on display

    Sneak Peak: Garden Collection Daffodil

    I know summer just started, but the weather today is just perfect Spring weather. So I couldn’t help myself but draw more flowers. And, I decided to add some color to this one rather than using the default black. Click below to shop the Nature collection. I’ll be adding new products into the Collection soon.

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  • Friends Who Are Sisters

    Over the last couple months, I’ve spent some time thinking about my artwork. The response I’ve received from people when they find out how I draw my art has been wonderful. People have told me how much they love the concept of sending hugs and kisses to people via art. They’ve said they love the […]

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