A is for Airplane and Avery

A friend of mine celebrated her son's first birthday yesterday. We gave the traditional gift of clothing, but I also wanted to give them something special, so I drew this print for them. This was a ton of fun to draw. Looks like a pear or something doesn't it? And up...

Tutorial: Cross Stitching Double Happiness Wedding Gift

I enjoy handmaking things, especially as gifts for friends. I've had a lot of friends get married the last two years. I did buy things off their registry for them to give as gifts at bridal showers but I also wanted to give them something they couldn't buy. One of...

Remembering Memorial Day

Sometimes the reason behind Memorial Day is lost among the BBQs, but we will never forget the purpose it exists.

Make a Wish

I've always loved dandelions. Who doesn't love the concept of wishes?

Ecofriendly Packaging from Ecoenclose

So very excited to announce we are moving to eco-friendly packaging within the next year. Supporting Ecoenclose is part of our effort to minimize our carbon footprint. Earth-friendly and recycled packaging for all of our shipments.

International Happiness Day 2014

Did you know today is International Happiness Day? How awesome is that. We heard a ton of people are doing the happy dance to Pharrel's song Because I'm Happy in YouTube. Being supporters and creators of joy, we just wanted to wish you a wonderful Day of Happiness. Be sure...

Props Galore

Went prop shopping last week. Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with blue and turquoise? (more…)

Friends Who Are Sisters

Over the last couple months, I've spent some time thinking about my artwork. The response I've received from people when they find out how I draw my art has been wonderful. People have told me how much they love the concept of sending hugs and kisses to people via art....

Letting Kids Get Dirty

I recently discovered my lil man loves to finger paint. It was a big surprise to me because as an infant and younger toddler, he was always afraid to get his hands dirty. He's always loved to paint, but always insisted on using a brush. After learning about how he...