Adding Blankets to Our Product Line

We are now selling baby blankets in our shop! So excited to add this new category to our store. We'll be slowly, but surely, adding new baby blankets to the shop. (more…)

4 Steps to Prioritizing on Your To Do List

Starting a business is always tough. The main catch 22 is being able to make money and spend money. You need to make money to spend money, but in most cases you need to spend money to make money. Having started several business including, I've always found this to be...

Tutorial: Wedding Gift Pillow – Pulsing Love

It's been a loaded two weeks between working, searching for sourcing for the new Yippy BeBe changing pad bag line, saying farewell to a friend who moved home, cleaning the house, making gifts and taking care of lil man. I actually thought I posted last Monday, but completely spaced out....

altering baby clothes belt buckle velcro before photo

Tutorial: Altering Belt Buckles on Children’s Clothing

I didn't make these cargo shorts. They were a gift for lil man. I like the shorts, but I didn't like the original buckle d-ring on the attached belt. Anyone that's ever changed a diaper should know this d-ring closure is not for children's clothing. It's too much of a...

Tutorial: Felt Pillow with Embroidery

A friend of mine had her wedding anniversary a few months back, but I didn't know what to get them as a gift. I never really know what to give as a gift to couples because it's for two people. You have to get something they both like. So, instead...

Making Bibs

A friend of mine is expecting her first child at the end of this month and the girls threw her a baby shower recently. I decided to handmake some bibs for her little one. (more…)

Purple Blossom Floral Nature

Flowers can really brighten your day. I saw this flower during a nature walk and was taken by it's bold yellow center. (more…)