Over the last couple months, I’ve spent some time thinking about my artwork. The response I’ve received from people when they find out how I draw my art has been wonderful. People have told me how much they love the concept of sending hugs and kisses to people via art. They’ve said they love the creativity of it. It makes me feel… great knowing I’m headed down the right path when I decided to share my art. Because ultimately, my XOs are a piece of me… an extension of my soul.

In December I drew a piece for someone who represents what happens when friendship blossoms … it becomes Sisterhood. I wanted to share it here:

This person wanted to share her hugs and kisses to a friend she met last year, but the bond they created and have had since then has become so much more.

Friends by chance. Sisters at heart.

Simply put, this art was to convey they had found their soul Sisters. I was happy to be able to convey it in this piece.