Love in the details image of heart drawn in Xs and Os

Sometimes we think a moment in time is insignificant. There are so many moments, often times our mind blends them all together. 

But, every moment in our lives causes an effect.

Each moment we experience imprints itself into us, in our hearts … in our soul … in our minds. 

Each one becomes a memory when we least expect. One that we hold onto with affection. 

It could be the smell of a flower. The scent of a blanket. The touch of someone’s hand. The feelings from reading a book. The elation from receiving a card. The gratitude when someone does something unexpected for you.

Those little moments make the most impact on our lives. 

It’s part of the reason why our products are made with such detail.

Each and every product begins with the details of the paper. I’ve chosen a beautiful, crisp, eco-friend paper. Once the details of Xs and Os are drawn by hand onto the surface – the ink, the paper, and the Xs and Os become one-piece full of gorgeous details.

When we send a piece out into the world, we do so with all the love and hope that it will bring joy to you and those you care about. We love helping you give hugs and making them smile with our exclusive designs.

Join us in treasuring the little details in life. 

Share with us a detail from your memory you’ll always cherish in the comments below.

Sending hugs and love,