Our Philanthropy Efforts

Whether it’s for the community around us or for the environment, the foundation of our company is built on the belief that each of us has a social responsibility.

We're dedicated to making the world a happier place by Spreading happiness through virtual hugs and making people smile around the world. Because everyone needs happiness and hugs.

While we support a variety of social good causes,
these are our primary ones:

We believe art helps to enrich children’s lives and encourage imagination. So, for every order you place, an art kit with eco-friendly crayons and pencils is donated to a child.

Children and Families affected by life-threatening disease or abuse
Many families have been affected by abuse or life-threatening diseases like cancer. Ours is no different. We want to help bring happiness and love to the children and families in hopes to help them get through the process and on the road to recovery.

Our Planet
Where we can, we utilize recycled materials for our products and processes because this planet is the only one we have right now. We want to be part of the sustainability of the plant for our children and future generations. Our goal is to become a Bcorp in the near future through our social good efforts.